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Bow or Bullet: The Hunter Specific Quests (Horde)

Wow Hunter QuestsHunters round out the damage-per-second class experience with a ranged weapon and a pet that they can send into battle. They’re friends to every creature, or at least they say so while they’re letting their cat line up for a pounce. In spite of having a lot of interesting talents and an obsessive-compulsive aspect for getting the most interesting looking pets, hunters really lack that many class-specific quests.

Including the quest chain that teaches them how to tame and take pets, there’s only a couple more that give them special items that they quickly grow out of. Perhaps Blizzard should look into giving hunter specific quests that open up lore or other rarely used abilities.

Level 10 Hunter Quest: My First Pet

surf_crawlerThis particular quest chain is probably going the way of the dodo with Cataclysm, but for now new hunters learn the skill of taming and directing wildlife to kill for them at level 10. Since we’re doing Horde, we’ll follow a lowly orc hunter who has just made her way out of the Valley of Trials into Razor Hill and finds herself ready to score herself one of the local javelina. (It’s all about the tusks, baby.)

We pick up the quest from an orc named Thotar in Razor Hill. He directs us to go pick up a local Dire Mottled Boar with a taming rod (looks like a twig to me.) The area is lousy with boars, so we just need to go north or south to find one, approach, and begin taming. Be sure to kick in the Aspect of the Monkey aura—attempting to tame pisses of the boar something awful and it’ll bite; but quite quickly, it tames. After it starts following us like a happy puppy, we return to Thotar and he takes it… Probably to cook and eat it.

Next he asks us to tame a Surf Crawler. That’s a kind of crab and they prefer to hang out at the coast. Fortunately, there’s one to the east of us! However, the surf crawlers are a bit more northerly. So run east to the coast, then north until a surf crawler becomes available. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. And Thotar takes that to make a crab stew.

For the final animal we need to tame, he sends us out to get an Armored Scorpid—a giant, poisonous scorpion that really does not want to be our friend right now. We can find scorpids to the north of Razor Hill, mostly on the east side of the road. Just wander a little. Be sure to be at full health, otherwise taming might not end so well. Once again we bring it back to Thotar—and we’re guessing he’s going to make scorpid surprise? (If not, he’s got a huge stable of these animals somewhere.)

At the end of all this we get the ability to tame a pet of our very own—but we don’t get to keep any of those we already tamed—and he sends us back to Orgrimmar to speak with Ormak Grimshot in Orgrimmar who will continue our instruction. Of course, we don’t really need to see him anymore as he would train our pets; but now we train them ourselves with skill points.

Be sure to tame a pet before moving out.

Level 50 Hunter Quest:

devilsaur eyeAt around level 50, hunters are given a mission by their trainer to find a furbolg named Ogtinc in Azshara. He’s the focus of another class-specific quests so we do know where to find him. He’s a little difficult to find so when we enter the zone from the west and head east, we keep to the road as it meanders north until the Ruins of Eldarath; then we stay on high ground the entire time, work our way around north. The furbolg is standing east of the Timbermaw village on cliffs that overlook the ruins.

Ogtinc would like to make us a hunter specific charm, so for the first part of this he wants courser antlers—they’re the heavy deer-like beasts littering the countryside. We can poke out both north and south of where he stands to find them, maul them, and take their antlers. We’ll need 2 total. Next he wants us to beat down a few hydra-like coastal monsters called wavethrashers for their scales. Wavethrashers are best found around the southern side of the northern peninsula of the zone—north of the Bay of Storms, east and west of the Temple of Arkkoran. It’ll take 6 scales to complete this quest.

The final part of this quest involves running off to the Sunken Temple, winding our way to its very bottom, and finding Morphaz the green dragon. Ogtinc wants one of his teeth. We’re a hunter, not a dentist! But still, the rewards from this quest are worth it. Just remember to bring friends.

Completion of this quest rewards a Devilsaur Eye, a Devilsaur Tooth, or a Hunting Spear.

Level 54: The Greatest Race of Hunters

hunter trinketThis one happens to be an odd one, since it comes out of a book that drops in the rarely-now-seen dungeons Dire Maul. It drops from all of the bosses in the instances and can also be looted from Dusty Tomes—a random spawn around various areas in all the wings. People usually throw this up on the AH for a hefty price to a lucky hunter.

Hunters who pick up this book can turn it in at Lorekeeper Mykos, a night elf hiding out in Dire Maul in the north wing’s library. The reward is a beautiful trinket called the Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas (+10 Fire resistance; +48 Ranged attack power).

[Author’s Note: The only hunter-only quest I didn’t mention is one that starts after fighting through Molten Core—a place that almost nobody visits anymore, which is too bad, as I haven’t seen it myself.]


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